MTV Splitsvilla Episode 2 June 14 – Varun & Vishal Dumped Aarti

After the twisted start, its time for more of the wild and wicked on VODAFONE MTV SPLITSVILLA…

Accusations are hurled, tears are shed and there’s tons of skin, fun and laughter. Splitsvilla’s hunky boys – Varun Saini and Vishal Karwal woo the girls; the chemistry is fiery ! Settle in for dares, pool parties and more as the girls fight it out for the boys.

Ohh….By the way, pretty girl AARTI THAOKER gets DUMPED.

In the Episdoe 2 of MTV Splitsvilla on June 14, there was lots of ups & downs again. And there is hot party in pool of Splitsvilla Varun & Vishal dumped Aarti Thaoker. Here is Link of DUMPED AARTI THAOKER:-
Aarti Thaoker


One Response

  1. splitsvilla .. concept iself is quite questionable… finding love in controlled environment for a big booty(referring to the cash and mtv assignment promise..not the two blokes on offer)! seems fake.. understand that mtv is all about youth fun entertainment but ethics should also be there.. i would want to know that if the big prize was not their at the end..would the girls still want to woo the boys?… naah! dont think so..
    reality tv is entertaining but showcasing the youth in such light is not appreciated. may have wrong influence on impressionable minds..
    also showcases women in quite a sorry state.. to go to any length to win a man in order to win a grand prize… quite disgusting.. or is this the fun element / usp of the show.. despicable!

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