MTV Splitsvilla Contestant Yamini Batra Photo Session

Yamini Batra



11 Responses

  1. neither hot nor wild…….
    cartman’s better than u!!!

  2. hey u realli a cool person wonder y ur names always listen/….i knw y cz they simpli envy u..i lyk ur dressing up sense..hey u knw wad ma bfren says i luk jus lyk u since tan he started 2 watch d show cz he sees me in u…hhehe…cz even i got d same hairstyl lyk urz n our dressing sense is also quite alike..cheerz..i hpe u stay longer in splitsvilla..holla bck

  3. Wow…

    Awesome looks she has, she shud be the winner…

    way ahead of rest all other contestants.

  4. hey yamini u r relly gud n far better dan the other gals i will always pray 4 ur victory in splitsvilla

  5. Derar Yamini

    Try hard….far better than others
    No idea why you so reluctant and go to dumping zone by yourself.

    Dont worry what other think its a game…be a part of it
    by any means…and try wearing some slim clothes…and yes change hair styles more


  6. by the way,,,does any of em read these comments ?

  7. you are very good looking person and i really think so that i love u hope u win splitsvilla

  8. Dear Yamini ,
    No matter what any body says , i think you are the most beautiful & hot girl from all the girls in splitsvilla .
    Try your lavel best , for sure you will be at the top – 3 .
    Take care , bye .

    Cell no : 01716655266 .

  9. u sweat it out very hard but poor thing it didnt workout.hoping the best 4 u ;boyar,nemlina N barsha

  10. hehehaha…its not at ol hot baby..

  11. Kash mai waha varun k jagah pe hota to tumhi se pyar kar beth ta..

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