Anubha’s Anubhav at Splitsvilla…

How does it feel being eliminated?
It definitely doesn’t feel gud as life in Splitsvilla was so much fun, so different n so full of suprises, all that spice n drama which u usually miss out in daily life. All those competitions, cat fights, bitching sessions, getting ready, tryin 2 luk ur best, all those Bajate Raho sessions… ooh!! It was gud, am gonna miss everything bout Splitsvilla.

But sometime I even feel that it was O.K. that I got out of the game @ dis point of time, as it was getting dirtier day by day… The girls over here r extra smart n it seems 2 me as if nothing in there life is as important as winning dis game. The accusations, blames & fights r gonna get bigger & dirtier. Some girls r becoming over-abusive & shameless.

So it’s cool with me dat am leavin @ dis point of time, coz I dun want d mudslinging thing happening wt me 4 no reason. Although the stakes r very high I can’t stoop that low to go that high.

The reason for my elimination.
The only reason behind my elimination for which Varun is responsible, is his fat n rotten brain which refuses 2 work or help him 2 make a right or even a sensible decision. He’s so damn brash, he’s one Godforsaken, malnutritioned, thin-waisted bozo! He’s one hypocrite who himself @ one point of time is gonna say, “Oh! I luv d way u dance.”

“I like ur attitude,” ” I like d way u carry urself.” N then @ d dumping ground just to look cool he says, “Sorry, babes, I dun find anything in u.” Duh! Feel like throwing cat shit on his Halloween mask which he considers his face. One piece of advise 4 him- U duffer, utilize the heavy thing placed above ur shoulder called a “Brain”; it will help!

Pick from the two boys?

Even though I dun like any of the guyz much, but even then if I had 2 choose I would go 4 Vishal, as I think there is a bit of similarity between us, as he’s a bit sensitive, sensible, unexpected, likes whacky things, likes adventure, flying n heights, caring but demands more care comparatively, shy, fun loving. We do share some common interests. I like his decency & calmness. I like guyz who r decent, classy, a bit wild, fun loving, a bit flirty, humorous, n wit some etiquettes (am preparing my ad 4 d matrimony section. He he!) This is the reason why I wud choose Vishal.

Who has the best chance to win?
According 2 me d girl who has fabulous acting skills will win d show. Coz after coming 2 d show I realized it’s near impossible 2 “fall in love” wit d boyz in d given choices, u might gel along nicely, u may connect nicely but 2 fall in love, NEVER! Love doesn’t happen like dis, lust does. As for d girlz I would say that they r very gud at pretending, good players, n some of ’em wud go to any extent 2 win d show n d prizes. They have d least interest in d boyz, as they say “Oh! Am here 4 a relationship, I am falling 4 him.” N wat rubbish, it’s just d prize money n d show which interests ’em. There is nothing wrong in being here 4 d prize or publicity or whicheva ur interest is but at least dun DISGUISE it with d word love.

Do not fake it up!!

Your friends in Splitsvilla?
In Splitsvilla d girlz whom I could actually call ma frendz were Shruti, Arti n Yamini. Shruti n Arti r very sweet n pleasant people, they r very down 2 earth n dey don’t fake it. Shruti n Yamini were my roomies 4rm d beginning n Arti joined us later. They r very lovely n decent girlz, I really enjoyed in their company n loved ’em as ma roomies. V were always 2gether n never had any hard or competitive feeling amongst us. V felt very bad as Arti left d show a bit early, but still v 3 stuck 2gether always. V had d strongest bond of friendship in Splitsvilla. V had so much fun 2gether. I simply love ’em! Another girl dt I really liked in d show wuz Hoorzan, d first day I met her I quite really liked her n den when I came 2 know her more I started liking her more. Some qualities of her apart 4rm her stunning appearance which I really liked were her straightforward attitude, her lively spirit, her elegance, her intelligence, her smiley face, …..n I’ll keep on writing. She was d actual combination of beauty with brains. Luv u, Hoor.

The girls you didn’t like at all? Why?
The girlz I didn’t like inSsplitsvilla at all would b Prianca, Bosky & Hannah.

Prianca- Coz she is very manipulative, she is not at all classy, one SHAMELESS chick on d show.

Bosky- Very clever, good @ fighting n dominating people, she plays mind games with every1, but I think she’s gonna fall in her own trap.

Hannah- Just one word 4 u: Ultra-Pretentious.

Your experience at Splitsvilla?
My experience @ Splitsvilla wuz simply amazing, all those things that I’ve never experienced in my life I got 2 experience here. I got a chance of getting my makeup done 4rm an expert, going 4 a photo shoot (Gee! It was my first time), flying 2 Goa all by myself, staying there among 20 girls (sounded scary to me), no upper hand of my folks, all those competitions, trying my hands on bitching, plotting n everything. A mind-blowing party, a chance 2 meet Sikander Kher, n d most exciting part – I got 2 c RANNVIJAY everyday (I know u Rannvijay fans must b jealous.. he! he!, well every1 luvs RV. In fact I got so lost that I almost forgot d 2 guyz!) Another gud thing bout Splitsvilla was when v got a chance 2 meet ^Raghu^ ( was trying 2 make horns, it suits him J) For me Splitsvilla was a dream come true, it was soooo gud, wish I could stay longer, but had no choice.

Would you come back if you had the chance?
If given a choice of coming back 2 d show, I would choose not 2 come coz I feel that d time when I left Splitsvilla was apt for me, as things were getting worse n I don’t want 2 b a part of d mudslinging happening there n anywayz I believe dat all gud things should come 2 an end, so am happy n contended missing d lovely things happened 2 me there.


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  1. Anubha you were the prettist out of all gurls – i really liked you and i was disappointed when you were out of the show – i loved your dance.

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