MTV Splitsvilla 23rd August Episode 12 : Shraddha Is Queen Of Splitsvilla

Today, 23rd August, Episode 12, we saw winner of MTV Splitsvilla in GREAT manner. Yes, you are right, as early expected Shraddha will win MTV Splitsvilla, and now she is the WINNER or you can say or Rannvijay told SHRADDHAQUEEN OF SPLITSVILLA“.



6 Responses

  1. now atleast stop acting dat u love or like vishal wateva .. u dont deserve it …

  2. Why do you think she is acting?

  3. well why else did varun choose shradha?? i’m soo confused about that…and then in the promos for the next episode it shows vishal with tears of sadness in his eyes and shradha saying she doesn’t know who to pick…

  4. varun z the most unpredictable guy of splitsvilla.he does stupid things without ny reason.same he did with bianca by dumping her with such a foolish reason he gave at the end
    as far vishal’s tears in next episode r concrnd..this is z to increase the suspnese
    ……vishal for sure z goin to win splitsvilla

  5. ugly aur pagli won!! brainless vishal and ugly shraddha the ugliest contestant on the show..

  6. u r very sweet vishal nd everyone fall in love with u when u smile ur smile is soooo sooooooo sooo sooooooo sweet really believe me bt i don’t like shardha i like only u nd ur smile now pls give me a smile u r sooooo sweet

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