Prianca Says : I Can Never Imagine Myself With A Guy Like Vishal

Well nobody likes to lose hence naturally I am a little disappointed…but if I think about d larger picture then I guess m glad that i got out coz i didn’t feel any kinda connection with either of d boys…I was trying really hard throughout d show to find some damn similarity or something to attract me to them but it was all in vain…I guess I have gained as much as I could from d show n i have absolutely no regrets.

Reason for elimination?

I wish i knew why Varun wrote Shradha’s name instead of Heena…. According to d circumstances it was obvious on Varun’s part to put Heena in d safe zone which would have led to me winning d show according to d twist…but i really don’t know why he chose Shradha who he knew will never ever choose him in d end….lol…

I guess he just started thinking too much bout d game n lost out on simple logic….it was a big shock to not only me but everyone on d show that how could Varun choose Shradha knowing that she will never let him win n specially considering d fact that Varun was merely there to win d game.



5 Responses

  1. Prianca, i cant belive – when u made comments about bosky “she is ill mannered” lol when in fact your no better – not that i like bosky or something but i think you both were just bitches – seriouly ur no better than her at all – u fought wit every single person in the show.
    and will plz stop talking abt heavy accent of vishal – its time u ask someone abt your own accent – u have a very heavy indian accent – so sweety before u comments abt others make sure u had a good look at urslef first…………

  2. u r a sexy bitch on the show…

  3. hey hi..i read the other 2 posts but c’mon meri whatever everyone was out there just to win the game & nothing else what do you think vishal & shraddha are going around in real life..? gimie a break plz..! it’s fine whatever happened with bosky she actually deserved it. I know even you know about this fact ‘cuz she was the actual bitch in the game..prianca too was a bitchy character but atleast she maintained some dignity in the show..& yeah this one’s for you prianca..i saw ur pics in the swim suit..must say ur hot & have amazing assets..i seriously hope i meet you someday lol

  4. If you ask me – Are Vishal and Shraddha are going along in real life? well its been almost 4 months after the show and for i guess thats a fairly long time for a misunderstanding to errupt. I still havent met or known a guy who doesnt wanna date more than just one gal/woman. So same goes with Vishal as well. We all knew that Varun was a “Wanna be Casanova” who showed on the show itself that he wud love to have a multiple affairs with Heena, Bianca, Prianca, etc. And thats wat a man is all about. But Varun forgot where he was and for wat purpose he was on the show. He was there to win in order to get a show on MTV, but he was swimming through the ocean blind. He must have been known atleast after it was declared that only one gal wud win and she wud choose the winner in boys. He was manipulative enough to pretend a serious kinda feeling for any of the gals who might start believing him and who could be his biggest strength. Just like Shraddha was for Vishal. All knew that Shraddha liked Vishal and only Vishal from beginning. Never ever did her mind shift towards Varun. But for Vishal, he’s more interested into Annie, Prianca and Ritu just because they were hotter and sexier than Shraddha. Infact he was taking Shraddha for granted through out the show because she opened up all her cards very soon and Vishal knew that she’s all crazy for him. So he maintained a very “so called close friendship” with Shraddha, but in his mind and heart, he wanted to make Prianca his gf, second option was Annie and third was Ritu. And even though he didnt have any emotional connection with P, A or R, he wud have loved to date these gals 10 times more than Shraddha. But as he could not build trust in any one from P, A & R cos they were less trust worthy than Shraddha, he had to persist with Shraddha in the end. Even today, if any one of P,A or R calls up Vishal asking him for a date, he would cancel his all plans with Shraddha and go with them. So Prianca, you are dead right when you say that Vishal is an awesome actor. Yes he is and there’s nothing wrong in it. He’s using all his talent and capability to reach on top so, i guess everything is fair. Even you tried to your sex appeal and ur unforgiving behaviour to reach on top, but this time you failed, that doesnt mean that you’ll fail forever. Just wait for your time to come and you’ll be the ultimate winner. Cheers……

  5. i think splitsvills sucks…….all bitches come here n njoy losing their virginity….balls to all of u n the guys are just pucca gays …
    no better job in life……….ewwwww its so sick when u trust someone like shradha and gays like vishal n varun dumps later or plays with u throughout the life and wanna date gals…..sick it is!!fuck these bastards

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