MTV Splitsvilla : Episode 3 : Hoorzan Dumped By Varun & Vishal

Hoorzan Irani
MTV Splitsvilla is going very smoothly, and today Hoorzan Irani Dumped By Varun Saini and Vishal Karwal

Really, I’m so sad for her. she was HOT, but on other she was too shy and mysterious.
Anyway, just like MTV Roadies it is also a journey, JOURNEY FOR LOVE, because everything is fair in LOVE AND WAR.





Richa Singh

On your elimination…

For me it’s kinda mixed feelings- terrible as well as it feels whatever happens, it’s for gud. Coz if I wud be staying dere definitely I wud be in deep trouble honestly. But on the other side, my early elimination I was not at all expecting. I had VERY nice rapport wid all d gals, n all d gals were sweet to me… I was very much confident for myself n after seeing all gals my confidence level was at par. Instead of being hurt, I thought I’ll give my 100% therefore I was as normal n sporty as everyone but guess my 100% wasn’t enough… But likewise, every coin has two sides. My elims was gud for me coz when I came back I got septic in my injury n I got treated on TYM… I dunno, guess dat was a very big reason for my elims… Coz I cudn’t digest Varun’s excuse for dumping me just becoz I smile a lot. Wat d f***ing shit is dis?!! Dude, wat do u do on d show? Even u give dat f***ing smile a lot so does it mean…????? Anyways… Next. For me it’s like, “Aati hai toh welcome, jaati hai bheed kam.” I’m disappointed coz m out of d show. N for guys m not at all upset. I have much better options… So no regrets on dat.

Out of the two boys I would choose….

From two guys, my pick wud be VISHAL nytym coz my friend has crush on Varun n I don’t marofy chance on my frenz assets… N on a serious note, I liked Vishal for many things like he’s very focussed in his life…Very passionate n he doesn’t pretends to b a cool dude, dat’s d best part… N one incident dat touched me n after dat I respect him.

Best Chance to Win…

SHRADDHA has d best chance to win… Coz she is perfect to be a nice gal friend ,VJ, model.. As she’s beauty wid brains. Dat’s all I can say

Girls I Liked…

My FRENZ r VANI n HANNAH… We shared very cute equation in d villa as roomies… We had no differences… N now also m in touch wid both of dem. We hang out together… We share things wid each other.


Gals I didn’t like wud be MINAKSHI – NOT BECOZ OF HER I GOT VOTED OUT, but coz I think her actions shows her stupid mind. MAIN REASON is her overall aura n personality, body language. She seems to me cheap wannabe kinds like Rakhi Sawant, who aims to be next Mallika Sherawat.

My Experience

Experience in SPLITSVILLA is FANTABULOUS! B4 I landed up in Splitsvilla I didn’t know wat’s gonna happen in next few days… But wen I was der staying in Intercontinental villa, such beautiful ambience, sitting besides d pool at nite n doing star gazing, it’s all so majestical… I felt like a celebrity. 24X7 camera was on, whether m gettin up, going off to sleep, doctor is bursting ma burnt blisters. N yes, while going for bath! Had to struggle a lot to remove my vital stuff from bags in their presence. Hehehe…! Den staying wid complete strangers n doing masti, non-veg talks, playing truth n dare, bitching n gossiping, sharing ur own secrets which ur parents also don’t know bout, den too widout any inhibition u say, coz on reality show u tend to behave like real ppl… Right, anyways, it doesn’t happen always. It’s gud dat ur being urself but in dat u shud try to analyse dat for wat purpose u have been given all those luxuries. Feel lucky n give 100% n never think dat u can give ur 100% coz if u think dat way u limit urself n don’t try again… Now onwards for me TRY, TRY N TRY AGAIN TILL U SUCCEED!