Prianca Says : I Can Never Imagine Myself With A Guy Like Vishal

Well nobody likes to lose hence naturally I am a little disappointed…but if I think about d larger picture then I guess m glad that i got out coz i didn’t feel any kinda connection with either of d boys…I was trying really hard throughout d show to find some damn similarity or something to attract me to them but it was all in vain…I guess I have gained as much as I could from d show n i have absolutely no regrets.

Reason for elimination?

I wish i knew why Varun wrote Shradha’s name instead of Heena…. According to d circumstances it was obvious on Varun’s part to put Heena in d safe zone which would have led to me winning d show according to d twist…but i really don’t know why he chose Shradha who he knew will never ever choose him in d end….lol…

I guess he just started thinking too much bout d game n lost out on simple logic….it was a big shock to not only me but everyone on d show that how could Varun choose Shradha knowing that she will never let him win n specially considering d fact that Varun was merely there to win d game.



MTV Splitsvilla 23rd August Episode 12 : Shraddha Is Queen Of Splitsvilla

Today, 23rd August, Episode 12, we saw winner of MTV Splitsvilla in GREAT manner. Yes, you are right, as early expected Shraddha will win MTV Splitsvilla, and now she is the WINNER or you can say or Rannvijay told SHRADDHAQUEEN OF SPLITSVILLA“.


Vishal Karwal And Shraddha Haribhai Win MTV Splitsvilla

The most romantic adventurous show on MTV is nearing its end. Splitsvilla which rolled out in the end of May had twenty hot girls wooing two handsome hunks. The show that replaced the very popular adventure show, Roadies has ended in a nail biting finish.

Buzz has it that Shraddha and Vishal have been announced winners of Splitsvilla . The winning duo will get a chance to host a show together on MTV besides winning a cash prize of Rs five lakhs.